Project bluestreak or bls is a small, mostly social group of some active and extraordinary people. A number of them have been members for a very long time and most members tend to form deeper bonds with each other, a sort of extended family atmosphere.

Bluestreak members are diverse and have varied talents; some are extremely good game players. Others are excellent in programming or coding, design, servers, business, and on and on. And, some are not the best in their field, but are just awesome people.

Anyone that meets the basic requirements/guidelines of the group is welcome to apply, however being accepted into bls is not as simple as clicking on a join button as in many groups. There is an application and interview process, and then, finally a staff vote on potential members. We have very high professional standards of our members and we are extremely pleased to have some of the very best of Steam as part of our group.

If you seek drama, immaturity, and unprofessional conduct, bluestreak is not the group for you because there are thousands of other Steam groups that will far better meet those conditions.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy a group with a professional almost family-like atmosphere, and you meet the guidelines, please feel free to apply by clicking on the link below.
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